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Vero Espresso EXCLUSIVE! Italian Coffee® DECISO
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Vero Espresso EXCLUSIVE! Italian Coffee® DECISO - compatible with Vero Espresso EXCLUSIVE! Italian Coffee® DECISO*

Experience the bold and passionate flavor of Italian Coffee® DECISO specially crafted for Nespresso** enthusiasts.

Exclusively available at Vero Espresso! Savor the richness in every sip with a drink size designed for true espresso lovers, serving up to 2.5 fl. oz. Each box features 100 capsules, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate a strong and intense coffee experience. Discover the DECISO blend with an intensity rating of 8/10 - a robust, deep, and passionately crafted espresso that stands out in every cup. Elevate your coffee ritual with this exclusive offering from Vero Espresso!
Pure Italian Coffee and Italian Coffee® are not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Nespresso* Please note, our exceptional capsules are NOT compatible with Vertuo machines.

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