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Vero Espresso EXCLUSIVE! Italian Coffee® INTENSO
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Vero Espresso EXCLUSIVE! Italian Coffee® INTENSO - compatible with Vero Espresso EXCLUSIVE! Italian Coffee® INTENSO*

Exclusively at Vero Espresso, discover a coffee experience like no other!

Perfectly crafted for espresso enthusiasts, each sip delivers an indulgent experience, with a drink size of up to 2.5 fl. oz. Elevate your coffee ritual with our INTENSO blend, boasting an intensity rating of 10/10. This is the epitome of strong, intense, and dark espresso! Make every cup a celebration with Vero Espresso Each box contains 100 capsules to savor the bold richness of our INTENSO blend. Order now for an unparalleled coffee journey!
Pure Italian Coffee and Italian Coffee® are not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Nespresso* Please note, our exceptional capsules are NOT compatible with Vertuo machines.

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