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Italian Coffee No Calk Descaling Bag
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Italian Coffee No Calk Descaling Bag*

Each pouch includes 1 descaling bag for any machine with an external water tank Traditional descaling solutions use aggressive agents to remove water deposits from your coffee machine. No Calk instead works to prevent water deposits from entering into the system in the first place, by continuously filtering the carbonates in the water in your water tank. This results also in better tasting water and coffee! We recommend keeping the No Calk bag always completely submerged in water. If you don't make any coffee for more than 5 days we recommend emptying the water tank, filling it again and submerging the bag again. This filter is made of food-grade materials. 
Please note: This filter only removes carbonates from water (hard water), it will not filter or fix water that is unsafe to drink to begin with.

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