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Vinum Italy DolceVita Rosé
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Vinum Italy DolceVita Rosé -0% Alcohol Sparkling white wine - Bottle of 750ml*

Introducing Vinum Italy: our exquisite line of de-alcoholized wines from Italy, a sophisticated and refreshing alternative for those seeking a moment of indulgence without the alcohol content. 
Aerated and Dealcoholized Rosé Sparkling Wine, 0% Alcohol from Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy
Bouquet and taste:The nose reveals fruity scents of apple with a light hint of red fruits. The palate has good freshness, acidity and a certain roundness. Perfect throughout the meal for the pleasantness of its fine perlage and for excellent analcoholic drink.

Crafted with precision and care, this sparkling gem appeals to a diverse audience, including health-conscious consumers, designated drivers, and individuals looking to savor the taste of a fine Italian wine without the effects of alcohol.

Perfect for celebrations, brunches, or any social gathering, this de-alcoholized sparkling white wine offers a bubbly elegance that pairs seamlessly with various cuisines. Elevate your experience by serving it chilled in champagne flutes, enhancing its crisp notes of citrus and floral undertones. 

Whether you're toasting to life's victories or simply relishing a guilt-free pleasure, our de-alcoholized sparkling white wine ensures that every sip is a celebration in itself. Cheers to sophistication, health, and the joy of good company!

1 Bottle of 750 ml - 25.36 fl oz

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